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Child MISS (Management Information System and Services) is an online comprehensive Child Tracking System for effective data management, monitoring and reporting, done through the effort of a group of experts from pertinent fields and end-users. The domain expertise of YaR Forum comes from experience of over a century right from grassroots level to the international, study and reflection on the factors affecting vulnerable children in India and their growth and development. Child MISS is an Information Management System and a Network which contributes to speed, process, structure, knowledge and services for the care, protection and development of children. It is a web based software tool, to assist both government and non-governmental organizations to document all their services and follow up in a single window system to enhance their mission for children at risk more effectively and efficiently. The software solution takes care of the data accuracy through Biometric Integration.

The ultimate focus of Child MISS is to create a 'Child Safety Net', to say that Child MISS is not a mere technological intervention or data collection software. It is a vital information of children in difficult circumstances, which will assist the networking organizations to strengthen the role of advocacy through legal provisions and law enforcements, review and reform child policy development, offer psychological counseling to children and parents, and raise the community consciousness and collaboration to create safe environment for children. Thus Homelink through Network Partners will promote Safety and Protection to Children.

Purpose of Child MISS

Its purpose is to strengthen the Juvenile Justice System by making the child visible and promoting action in the interest of the child. It is the endeavor of the Child MISS to make the outcome of all actions in relation to the child visible, ensuring that stakeholders play their role and execute their responsibility at all times and that knowledge about children within the JJ System is available at every level from the micro to macro level.

Child Care System & its Stakeholders

This programme in keen to bring a comprehensive solution to the Child Care involving various stakeholders:-

  • Monitoring bodies: Government ministries, Government bodies, etc.
  • Child Care institutions: Children's home, Observations homes, etc.
  • Legal Institutions: Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU).
  • Non-Governmental Organizations, Child Care Stakeholders, etc.
  • Civil Society Participation: Caring Community, Peer Leaders, Social Activities, Volunteers.

YaR Forum has reached the next launching pad of the program, setting in place a new genre of social work. Child MISS will make a very significant contribution or impact in the areas of Child Tracking System (CTS), especially those in need of Care and Protection, preventing trafficking of children and in the restoration of those missing, setting in place an adequate monitoring system for delivery of services, and most significantly, setting in place a COMMUNCATION BASED TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM, which is networked throughout the nation.